Historic Environment Scotland was founded in 2015 and is now responsible for the conservation and maintenance of over 300 locations of historical importance, as well as a collection of thousands of photographs, artwork, and artifacts. It also promotes interest in Scotland’s history through educational and outreach programs.

In August of 2017, I spent 4 days in Scotland. During those 4 days, I explored castles and ruined abbeys, hiked an ancient volcano, traversed the vast Highlands, searched Loch Ness for traces of Nessie, hung out with a few hairy coos (Hamish and Heather), and learned about and fell in love with Scotland and its beauty and rich cultural history.


In creating the updated brand voice for Historic Scotland, the identity needed to simple and recognizable while showing respect for Scotland's storied past and bringing the focus to the importance of the historical sites it cares for. The organization's name was shortened to be more easily remembered. 

The family of trademarks references the crests of Scotland's ancient clans and creates a visual organization system for the many sites Historic Scotland maintains. 

Type & Color

Like the identity, the primary typeface visually reflects Scotland's past with a textured character reminiscent of early printing processes. 

The color palette for the brand is pulled from Scotland's lush landscapes and visual history.

Explorer Pass

Historic Scotland offers an Explorer Pass that grants entry into all of their sites without additional fees. The experience of exploring these sites is elevated through a portable booklet that teaches the explorer bits of history from each region of Scotland, and allows them to document each site visited. 


Scotland is in no shortage of breathtaking imagery and the website utilizes this with large splash photography, serving to emphasize the importance of its preservation.

An interactive map on the "Visit a Place" page allows the user to further investigate the history of each site.

Selecting a location on the map takes the user to that site's page to learn more.