The Guerrilla Girls: How to Be a Feminist Masked Avenger is a documentation of the history of the Guerrilla Girls over the last 30 years told through a transcript of an audio interview with its founders, Frida Kahlo and Kathe Kollwtiz. It is also a call to action to address the issue of the lack of representation and opportunities for women in nearly every creative industry.

This interactive, hand bound Coptic stitch book functions as a DIY guide for the reader to pursue activism themselves utilizing guerrilla techniques. 

Type & Color

The bold visual language of the book draws from the Guerrilla Girls’ own style and their humorous, straightforward, in-your-face approach to activism.

The type used by the Guerrilla Girls is minimal and utilitarian; its main goal is accessibility. This approach was maintained, but elevated by using strong, minimal type with a little bit more character and attitude. This is paired with colors inspired by the Guerrilla Girls' own work, the feminine color palette incorporating their ideology of reclaiming symbols of femininity that have been given negative connotations.

The Guerrilla Girls' have tackled the mistreatment of women in not only the fine art world, but in Hollywood and even political arenas as well, and hope to continue to broaden their reach to other industries in the future. They also believe that everyone should be able to do what they do. This guide puts that power directly into the hands of its readers with perforated poster inserts that are meant to be torn out, copied, and distributed.